European funds for digitization

Get benefits from Next Generation EU European Funds

The BOE has published the bases that regulate the granting of aid to SMEs and the self-employed for the adoption of digital services within the framework of the “Digital Kit” program.
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Get to know the DIGITAL KIT, the initiative of the Government of Spain.

The “digital kit” that aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available in the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.
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How to detect and respond to cyberattacks via USB

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According to the SonicWall Cyber Threat report , in 2020 there were almost five billion cyber intrusion attempts , five thousand five hundred million malware attacks and three hundred million ransomware attacks . … Read More…

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How to protect company confidential information assets

Corporate information assets is that information from the company to develop its business activities and that it is necessary to protect it. This protection is primarily focused on ensuring that they are available, availability. This is the most basic information security feature. If the information is not available, it directly impacts in the heart of the customer satisfaction. In the globalized world that we are living the availability of the information we’re delegating it to the Internet. If we have access to the Internet, we have access to the information

Once you have access to the information assets, this must be accurate, secure and must not have been manipulated or altered, i.e. integrated. There are many threats about the alteration of the information, but nowadays it is very popular the massive “attacks” with false information, fake news, that it has a difficult solution. Some propose to use as countermeasures Artificial Intelligence (Las startups de AI buscan frenar las noticias falsas) and others propose to use Blockchain (How a new class of startups are using blockchain to tackle some of the Internet’s biggest challenges). In the coming months, we will see progress in this area.
The next level of protection of information assets is the confidentiality of the information. That is to say, access to confidential information who is authorizing and long are allowed. To do this, it is necessary to first identify what information needs to be classified as confidential or restricted use. In a corporate environment, it must be identified as confidential that information that the unauthorized disclosure of the information can have a serious or catastrophic adverse effect on corporate operations, its assets or individuals. This impact analysis will help to identify information which is the heart of the Organization and you need to control your restricted access. Today’s threats are well known to the news that was popular a few years ago in the world of spy reports (Edward Snowden: Leaks that exposed US spy programme). Unfortunately, in the business world, this threat is daily. It is very common with the ease of current technologies, that there are leaks of critical business information due to industrial espionage, disgruntled employees or former employees who move to the competition. In addition, attacks aimed at all types of companies looking for information and kidnapping through Cryptolockerr techniques, asking for the rescue of information for money. These intelligent threats are very common and are aimed at all types of companies. In fact, just the Incibe Map of impact – Events in the last 24 hours, to know something of what is happening to us and raise awareness.

It is necessary, therefore, to raise the level of security maturity in companies by raising awareness through the establishment of the information classification policy. Its definition and disclosure help make companies staff aware of the value of the information and its protection. The tools used for these cases are called IRM (Information Right Management). Among them is Prot-On as the undisputed leader. Prot-On manages the rights of any type of documents in the cloud, something that is different from other solutions. This has the impact that the company has control of the document that contains the classified information, where it is and who has it. This has the impact that the company has control of the document that contains the classified information, where it is and who has it.

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