Prot-On: IRM. Information Rights Management


With Prot-On you can:

  • Protectyour PDF documents, Office, texts, videos, audios orphotographs.
  • Decide who, when and for what access to the protected file
  • Check the movements of each document and change its permissions

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Safe Door - authUSB

Safe Door – authUSB: Detection and response to cyberattacks via USBB


Safe Door is a complete solution (Hw with embedded Sw) that allows organizations to face all threats derived from the use of USB storage devices.
Mainly oriented to Industry, Critical Infrastructures, Public Administration and Defense; Customers who need to connect USB storage devices within their organizations, whether they are third-party or their own. They prevent the exposure of corporate networks to the three types of attacks (Hw, Sw and Electric) that can be carried out through USB memory sticks and that can result in significant economic losses.

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Disruptive platform for the detection of cyber attacks. With CouterCraft you will get visibility and evidence of what tactics, techniques, tools and procedures attackers use against their organizations. Directs attackers away from real assets. Help prioritize and make decisions

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